There Will Be Blood

“If a person perceives that food comes from a grocery store, gasoline from a pump, shoes from an online retailer, it is reasonable to believe then that this person’s perceptions have been skewed into believing that nothing must ever die for us to consume whatever we want in whatever quantities we desire. As long as the blood is on someone else’s hands in some other land far from sight, then there is no blood at all. It is this willful blindness to the day to day functioning of industrial civilization on the part of the world’s wealthier populations that allows a people draped in slave made textiles who are kept fed by the mechanistic rape of stolen land powered by stolen oil to stare up with their doe eyes and without a hint of irony ask, ‘But why do they hate us?'”

2 thoughts on “There Will Be Blood

  1. Louise St

    I was hoping to come to this site and find something inspiring and motivating. Instead I’m greeted with an author who couldn’t come up with anyone to quote besides the Unabomber. Do you not actually know who Ted Kacynski is, whoever reposted this, or are you actually trying to point out the philosophical side of an infamous serial killer? WTH is wrong with you?

    1. Norris Thomlinson

      I didn’t post this, so I can’t speak directly to that decision, but I think this quote is very valid commentary on one of the root problems with civilization. Reposting this bit doesn’t imply endorsement of the ethical or tactical decisions made by Ted Kacynski. Although Deep Green Resistance and Kacynski share some points of analysis, we have a strategy to bring down industrial civilization with a minimum of casualties, in contrast to his strategy of almost symbolic violence.


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