Male Ally Meetup

April 23, 2015 @ 8:00 pm
Barnes and Noble
86th and Lex
New York NY


“This is why militarism is a feminist issue, why rape is an environmental issue, why environmental destruction is a peace issue. We will never dismantle misogyny as long as domination is eroticized. We will also never stop racism. Nor will we mount an effective resistance to fascism, which is the eroticization of domination and subordination–fascism is in essence a cult of masculinity. Those are all huge spin-outs from the same beginning. The result is torture, rape, genocide, and biocide.” Lierre Keith

Please join male members of DGRNYC as well as other NYC activists as we continue our “Male Ally Meetups”. We will keep on with our open discussion of sexism, feminism, gender, and the role of men in the feminist movement.

Those of us in the fight for social justice are quick to stand against the daily oppression we see in our culture. But so often, male activists can be blinded to the structural violence that our female comrades experience. In the “age of information”, fast streaming porn, and mass media advertising, the brutalizing effects of patriarchy on women and girls within the dominant culture can be ever more horrific and normalized. It is vital that male activist seeking social change take concrete steps towards challenging patriarchy and misogyny, both within our culture and ourselves.

What is masculinity, and how can we as male activists identify and challenge it in our lives, both in and out of activist circles? How can we best support the women’s liberation movement? What holds us back from being true allies to women? What would a truly egalitarian movement look like, and how do we work towards it?

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