Membership Requirements

If you have come this far, we thank you for interest and your desire to work for a liberated world.  We are facing a gargantuan task and the following points are to help us create a strong foundation.  As much as we will struggle against this oppressive system, we must also struggle to deconstruct our own socialization in order to create a culture of respect and resistance.  With love, rage, and resistance, we welcome you and encourage you to keep going forward in this journey.

1. Education

Successful resistance movements in the past have all understood the need to be well informed regarding the reasons for their fighting. An extensive and thorough knowledge regarding our reasons for fighting is essential and is what grounds and gives strength to any action we may take. We must be able to differentiate between the suicidal ideology of civilization and our own life-affirming beliefs; understanding that the former must be relentlessly challenged at the interstices of both thought and action.

If able to, members of Deep Green Resistance NY should read and agree with the following sources:

Decisive Ecological Warfare (Chapter 14 of Deep Green Resistance)
The Twenty Premises of Endgame
Aboveground Strategy
Security Culture

Members are required to adhere to the Statement of Principles and the Code of Conduct.

Members are encouraged to read and/or watch the other suggested readings on the website as well as Endgame by Derrick Jensen (both volumes) and Deep Green Resistance by Lierre Keith, Aric McBay, and Jensen. These readings will help members better articulate the sometimes complex points and will aid members in feeling comfortable when confronted by questions about our strategy.

2. Tasks/Roles

As a growing organization, there will be many opportunities for people of all skill levels and backgrounds to contribute.  We highly encourage creativity and want to hear your suggestions.  There are a number of projects already in the works on the forum, and it would be prudent to search through them and see if how you can help.  But if your idea is not there, please feel free to take the initiative!  We are conscious of everyone’s wellness and we encourage people to take on responsibility only as they see fit in their personal lives.

3. Communication

Members of DGR NY primarily use the Deep Green Resistance online forum to organize for events/actions, swap information, and have general communication. We also use e-mail and phone. As a national group with no centralized location, even in our local areas, these means of communication will be vital to members being part of the resistance.

4. Attendance

All members should try to attend as many DGR events as they can, while taking into account their personal commitments.  There is power in numbers and attendance will help in all aspects of our organizing.  We recognize people have outside commitments and may not be able to attend all events.  In that case, there will always be other logistical tasks that may fit into different schedules.

5. Respect 

All members are responsible for supporting and respecting each other in the work that we do.  This respect must be to ourselves, each individual in DGR, all individuals outside of DGR that we come in contact with, and all sentient and non-sentient beings. We are working with very tough and complex issues and it is guaranteed that we will encounter strong protests to our work and our analysis.  We must stay true to the principles of our work but not fall to a level of vitriol, name-calling, or disrespect.

If there are personal disputes, they should be handled in private with the utmost level of personal respect.  If disputes are unable to be handled by the individuals, mediation by a third part can be facilitated.

If you have a dispute with the coordinator and/or co-coordinators, you can choose to talk directly with them about it or talk to Saba, the ombuds person for all international DGR groups. In addition, staff members are open for mediation as well.

7. Financial Support

As a resistance movement, we are always struggling to accumulate enough resources to fund our on-going projects.  These projects are local, national, and international in their scope.  There are many ways to offer financial resources to DGR projects for those members who are able to, both locally and nationally.

We also recognize that many people cannot afford to contribute financially and chose to contribute in a way that is beneficial for all.  We absolutely want to respect that reality.

We recognize that while many of us are privileged to have financial resources to spare, many members don’t and struggle to make ends meet as it is. It should go without saying that there is no judgment or stigmatization attached to those who do or don’t decide to regularly contribute some of their income to DGR

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