Flood Relief for Colorado Activist

A longtime DGR Colorado member, Jennifer, lives in Lyons, CO. This also happens to be the site of one of the hardest hit communities in this weeks flooding events along the Front Range. Jennifer, her family and animals are physically safe and okay, but the homestead that she and 3 generations of women in her family have lived on for years has been badly damaged and flooded.

This house has been a site of intense healing for me and many others. Her mother runs her permaculture therapy farm for children off of this land. They have opened their homestead up to many women who need safe spaces and activists in need in the past. When I have needed shelter, this group of women was there to provide with no questions asked. When I have needed food, they were there to provide with no questions asked. She regularly sends me care packages of raw wildflower honey from the mountains and notes of love and kind thoughts. I know she does the same for other DGR members as well.

Jennifer has contributed, humbly and tirelessly, to many important DGR projects. For example, coordinating sending out the DGR shirts, heading up to support folks in White Clay multiple times a year, working on the DGR book of poetry, anti-fracking efforts, hosting prisoner support letter writing nights, radio shows, community rights ordinances in Boulder County and much much more.

The national guard is in control of the small town of Lyons right now. They are describing it like an island. No food, no running water.

We want to send her support. Messages of love. Chocolate. Financial support. Anything that will help in a flood/disaster situation.

If you would like to help out with this, you can make a donation. [Fundraiser now ended.]

If you would like to send materials directly, or have questions, contact us and we will be sure to point you in the right direction. Any and all help is much appreciated! Please share this information with your networks if at all possible.

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