1 thought on “Tactics and Talking Points: Re-Radicalizing the Fight for Abortion Access

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    The fight for equality goes on. Abortions are not a part of regular gynecology, even when the baby dies, they do not abort, you get sent home to carry a dead baby. Hopefully you can naturally abort. But some women can not, even when the baby dies and there is a cold corpse that you have carried for a month, giving you night sweats. Sepsis? Sure, you get some anti-biotics and you are told that gynocologists only deliver healthy babies, and you and your corpse need to go home. If you are carring a baby that died, it is somehow your fault and they will dare to refuse you medical help, cause pregnancies with dead babies have nothing to do with pregnancy. If men were able to get pregnant, or their prostate began to rot, there would be emergency surgery for this, but a woman? You are expected to cross your fingers and hope that you are not the % of women with an ‘unsuccessful pregnancy’-[which is the word they use for -you have a corpse rotting away inside of you. Too bad you are not a farm animal, they get that kind of care because they are valuable and farmers will lose money if they get sick and die of sepsis.


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