Stages of Membership

If you have come this far, we thank you for interest and your desire to work for a liberated world.  We are facing a gargantuan task and we need committed individuals to create a strong resistance movement to the devastation around us.  We hope this helps potential new members understand the process of becoming a member.  The process is complex but we know it will result in committed individuals and a sustainable organization.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at  With love, rage, and resistance, we welcome you and encourage you to keep going forward in this journey.

To become a member

  1. Individual has read and agreed to Statement of Principles, Codes of Conduct, and Member Requirements.
  2. Individual has filled out Membership Questionnaire and sent document to
  3. Personnel committee will schedule phone discussion with potential member, verifying agreement with above documents as well as discussing DGR strategy.  There will also be personal questions between both parties to ensure compatibility with group.
  4. New York coordinator will then schedule phone discussion or in person meet-up, depending on location and schedules, to further ensure compatibility.
  5. Potential members at this point are encouraged to attend meetings, other DGR events, and continue process of self-education in DGR-related material.
  6. At this point, potential member will be welcomed into DGR and DGR New York.  Member will be given instructions on how to access security culture audio file and be given access to DGR online forum.

While a member

  1. Member abides by the requirements and fulfills expectations outlined in the Member Requirements document.
  2. Member participates in the democratic decision‐making of the group.
  3. Works with the group coordinators and other members, taking on larger roles of responsibility as group sees fit.
  4. Member gives feedback about how they feel they are fitting in with the group and if there is a dispute, actively works to settle it.


  1. Members can be suspended or expelled from the group for consistently neglecting
    the basic responsibilities outlined in the Member Requirements document, which includes adhering to core DGR guidelines, Code of Conduct, and Statement of Principles.
  2. In most cases, there will be significant space and time for discussion before a member is suspended or expelled.
  3. However, the coordinator, through the DGR Advisory Board, reserves the right to
    suspend or expel members without immediate group discussion in cases of breaches of Code of Conduct or other urgent situations.

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